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company overview

Mission – betwixt+n+between films, LLC was formed to produce and distribute THRASHER ROAD – a high-quality, low-budget, thought-provoking and heart-engaging independent film that is compelling and relevant to diverse audiences while achieving profitability.

In association with Davidson & Green, LLC – Based in the Upper Valley of NH/VT and Brooklyn, NY, directors Samantha Davidson Green (Writer/Director, UCLA MFA– Film Directing) and Jordan Green (Executive Producer/Financial Professional) began their partnership as friends and classmates in the 7th grade.  Creative collaborations to-date have included: many road trips, both cross-country and abroad; public school teaching; political activism; entrepreneurial business; film school; marriage; and the Parenthood Trilogy: Duncan, Reeve, and Tucker.  They are active supporters of community arts and education.

current project

THRASHER ROAD, an independent feature film intended for theatrical distribution in the U.S. and abroad, completed principal photography in August, 2016.  It is presently in festival competition.

Writer/Director Samantha Davidson Green + Producers Jonathan Wysocki & Maria Rosenblum + Executive Producer Jordan Green + Cinematographer Eric Leach

Summary – In this present-day road movie, Chloe MacGowan (Allison Fay Brown) – pregnant, broke, and broken up – is beating a retreat home from LA to Vermont, her dreams for a new life in the rearview.  When a car accident strands her in the desert with her only loyal companion, elderly and incontinent dog “Thrasher,” rescue comes in the unwelcome form of Jimmy “Mac” MacGowan (Christian Kohn), her ne’er-do-well father who ditched the family years ago. Stuck together with thousands of miles ahead and thirteen years’ estrangement behind, Mac and Chloe have just started to mend when Mac renews old rifts. With the best of misguided intentions to “fix” his daughter’s life (and seek redemption for himself), Mac takes a disastrous detour to Mississippi to find Chloe’s Ex.  There, they confront their many broken pasts and bury ancient griefs, from which second chances may take root.

Notes from the Road – The making of THRASHER ROAD took us on a road trip over 3,885 miles from Los Angeles to Vermont.  In parallel with our story, ours was a changing cast (and crew) of characters, with actors flying in and out to meet us along the way and local crews joining the core travel crew at production hubs in Los Angeles; Clarksdale, Mississippi; and Cornish, NH/Windsor, VT.

Filming in 114-degree desert heat, under the ash of the Los Angeles fires, at sunset on the rim of the Grand Canyon, atop the Continental Divide at dawn, tilting at windmills on the Kansas plains, via drones over Arizona pine country and Kansas City, among cotton fields and on the banks of the Mississippi in sweltering humidity, at curbside at Denver and Bradley International Airports, on New Jersey turnpikes and under a verdant New England forest canopy, we were met with rainbows too many times not to make us believers in Kermit the Frog’s anthem.  The road generated spin-off art by cast and crew, including a photo portrait collection across America by 1st Camera Assistant/photographer Alex Paul (link coming); poetry by Grip/Driver Britten Fay (link coming); and music by actor/music producer Joe Rogers (performing Hank) and actor/blues singer Linda Marsaw. We moved fast and burned bright this summer.

We will identify you all in good time, but in the meanwhile… Deepest thanks to our brave and dedicated investors; to our adventurous and talented cast; to our spirited A-team crew; and to the many friends, family, and strangers along the road who shared their homes, stores, restaurants, 18-wheelers, emergency vehicles, expertise, local know-how, and above all, enthusiasm without whose generosity we could never have shot this film.


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The statements herein are predictions and opinions that should not be relied upon.  Any independent film investment involves a high degree of risk. Nothing herein constitutes an offer or should be construed as a solicitation. Offers may be made only through the company’s definitive offering documents. If you are interested in learning more about this project please contact us. Thank you.