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  • Development:  Story & Concept Development, Organizational Positioning, Script Development
  • Script Consultation
  • Pre-Production:  Budgeting, Location Scouting, Casting
  • Production:  Directing & Videography
  • Post- Production: Editing, Sound Design, Graphics
  • Distribution:  DVD production & Web site design


Stanford Center on Longevity, Stanford University

SCL stills

produced in association with Human Interest Films, Inc.

Prospect Park Alliance

The Hootenanny Art House

The first time we saw a rough cut of the work that Samantha presented to us, we were in tears. Her visionary skills and narrative were absolutely poetic and captured everything (and more) that we’d hoped to project about our business, the Hootenanny Art House.  Samantha approaches her work with a love and concern that is intent on capturing the spirit of the subject, finding the true narrative, and creating a succinct and beautiful final presentation. We could not be happier with her work. – Pete Sinjin

Hannah Senesh BAM video

Hannah Senesh Community Day School