“The first time we saw a rough cut of the work that Samantha presented to us, we were in tears. Her visionary skills and narrative were absolutely poetic and captured everything (and more) that we’d hoped to project about our business, the Hootenanny Art House.   Samantha approaches her work with a love and concern that is intent on capturing the spirit of the subject, finding the true narrative, and creating a succinct and beautiful final presentation. We could not be happier with her work.”

Pete Heitmann & Kira Smith
The Hootenanny Art House
Brooklyn, NY

“Samantha Davidson Green is a gifted filmmaker.  She is committed to excellent quality, to finding that ‘something different,’ and to fulfilling her client’s mission.   Samantha is also a pleasure to work with–both for kids and adults.  We hired Samantha to make a special Gala video for our school benefit.   We interviewed several candidates and chose Samantha because she produced quality films and also had just the personal touch and experience we needed.  Samantha was a teacher and this shows.  She is excellent with kids and is committed to bringing out their fullest potential as budding filmmakers.  When we planned our video, it was Samantha who suggested that children do the filming.  She coached them and worked closely with them throughout the project to control quality and make the experience positive for all involved.   Samantha expertly edited the film bringing in all the wonderful elements that children bring, yet maintaing excellent quality.  The final product surprised everyone–a wonderful and memorable video that shows a typical school day from a kid’s perspective.   This video, while it debuted at our gala, has been recut several ways to be used for Admissions, alumni events and the parent community.  We look forward to more videos from Samantha as our children grow.”

Amy Glosser, Board of Trustees Chair
Hannah Senesh Community Day School
Brooklyn, NY

“Samantha Davidson Green produced a marvelous video to tell the story of the restoration of Music Island and the Esplanade in Prospect Park. Samantha captured the day-to-day hands-on work of recreating the original design of Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, including on-site footage along with wonderful interviews with Prospect Park Alliance staff and donor Shelby White. Samantha generously donated her time and production skills to create an invaluable record of this centerpiece of the Park and the Alliance’s $10 million project to restore it to its original glory. We cannot thank her enough for her work.”

Emily Lloyd, Prospect Park Alliance President and Administrator of Prospect Park
Brooklyn, NY
Review:  Almost, Maine
Directed by Samantha Davidson Green at Parish Players 

Screenwriting workshops:

  • Samantha’s introductory lectures were outstanding.  She provided many insights into the screenwriting process.    
  • Great combo of theory + work on scripts.
  • …Genuine respect for ideas; constructive criticism.
 Hamlet on Film:
  • Great selection of films, going from traditional film-the-play to more filmic versions.  Good mix of viewing and discussion. Thoughtful handouts.
  • The two leaders worked so well with each other, each having different expertise.  They presented excellent materials, drew out every member in the course in discussion, and communicated by email.  The films they chose were really interesting.  This is the best course I’ve ever taken at Osher!
 From OSHER@Dartmouth Course Evaluations